Maya Paint Effects Benchmark


Created by Dariush Derakhshani

Koosh3d AT earthlink DOT net

            This benchmark, created with Maya 5.0 places Paint Effects strokes on a NURBS sphere to test the playback speed of your video card and system.  The file is user scalable (via Paint Effects own functioning) to allow you to display varying levels of Paint Effects in the scene to see how your system can handle increasing amounts of Paint Effects.


            How to run the tests:


1.      Open Maya and load the file

2.      Go to Display > Heads Up Display and turn on Frame Rate

3.      Hit the Play Forwards button in the Playback Controls

4.      Maximize the perspective window.  Unless you have really weird GUI settings, there's no need to hide the UI elements as we have done with previous tests.

5.      Your frame range should be 1 to 100.  Make sure your Animation Preferences are set to Play every Frame.

6.      Select the Paint Effects stroke in the window.  In the Channel Box to the right set the Display Percent to 20.  Take note of the frame rate (in fps) of the file in wireframe mode as the PFX strokes wiggle around.

7.      Change the Display Percent to 50, and record the playback rate in fps.

8.      Change the Display Percent to 100, and record the playback rate in fps.


Thatís it!  Please feel free to share this benchmark file, but please only in its entirety, attached to this document and unaltered in any way.  Thank you.