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You should really watch this.




I recently sold my friend Bill on eBay.  I only got $46 for him.  A travesty, really.  I should have used a Reserve price for him, I really should have gotten at least $65.


Bill!  For Sale...



I promise, when I get more time, I'll update my web page here, but for now, someone recently asked me where my nickname Koosh comes from and here my friends is the


Answer to why my nickname is Koosh


Maya Benchmarks Available for Download

Test your system and video performance and compare them with you sleazy friends.  Rub it in their nose.  Make your poor friends feel bad about themselves.  Prove you're better: bench yourself, tiger.


How much of a fuck-punch NANCY is this guy for needing to wear protective goggles when fixing a wall socket faceplate? Is he afraid that a splinter of drywall will fly out and bounce harmlessly off his eye? Is he afraid his wife will walk in and shriek at seeing her husband fixing the wall plate on a power socket and he'll slip and fall eye-first into the back of that drill? Or is it that he forgot to take it off after his four-hour schlubbing with his gay friends Umbertto and Raoul?

Either way the guy deserves to have his kidneys kicked in till they're blackened like a Cajun scrod.



Read my review of the film SWAT



Definitive Photographic Proof that Uday and Qusay Hussein are indeed dead.




What Does this thing do...


What's this do Archive


Be the 1146th person to see a screen capture of Maya 5.0 !!!



New Ex-File Added 4/02/03


The Ex-Files





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