The Ex-Files


Hill and I met at this formal party in Hollywood.  This guy from the T-Bag network was all, "Koosh, I've heard rumors that your Maya book is quite the shizznit."  And I was all, "you know, it's not out yet, but I can understand how you've already been hearing about it, but listen, I don't have time to be talking, so lemme just get my groove on at this party and get a gin and tonic."  And I guess Hillary overheard the interview when she tried to cut in to get some camera time, and she's all "Koosh?  You know Maya?  Man, I've been dying to get my hands on Maya and learn how to get things moving."

And I thought that was pretty funny cause I've felt the exact same way about Hillary.

So after a few tanq and tonics, we headed back to fire up my workstation and learn about some primitives.  Next time I'll show her how to handle my particles.