Hurricane Matagrano

Matgrano veers toward Yucatan,
leaves a devastated Frank Matagrano

"Ay ay ay," is all little Frank Matagrano can say as he is being rushed away from the devastation, only partially uplifted that his hand is close to his rescuer's breast, but wholly put out that he's wearing a dress.

Later, Frank Matagrano is flummoxed at the obliteration of his village.  "What about all my Word documents?  This is totally inappropriate."

Frank Head Storm

Earlier this week, Frank Matagranos could be seen showering the earth from outer space.

"We will destroy you," called out the robotic voices of the Frank Matagranos as the hurled toward the earth before burning up in the atmosphere.

General Frank Matagrano

Matagrano court hearing
in London to resume

"It's fucking war, for Christ's sake," yelled out General Matagrano as he was being indicted for crimes against humanity.  "You're supposed to kill as many as you can."  "They all deserved it," he spat at reporters.

Viagra For Frank Matagrano's Women

More and
more of Matagrano's women are turning to the
impotence drug

"How the hell else are these chicks supposed to keep up with me," blurted out Matagrano before 8 frothy mouthed women beat down his door.  He later succumbed to them all.  In turn.