The Kooshly Review

  I send these out on a semi-regular basis to my mailing list. The first part of the newsletter is REAL. Usually plucked from CNN Online or Reuters or Associated, the first two paragraphs are quoted in (demarked by the > symbol in front of the quoted sentence), but everything after that is fictional and sarcastic, bordering on illegal and immoral.


Teen Smoking On The Rise


Reebok Announces New Line of Attire

Virtual Woman

Microsoft Error Messages

Healthcare Reform

Year Y2K

Thalidomide Back Again

Wedding Accident

Heat Stroke

Lewinsky's Dress Stain Becomes a TV Spot

Text of Clinton's Statement

China Declares War

Gary Coleman Woes

Clinton's Poll

Rushdie, Freedom!

America's Moral Delight

911 Calls

Journalistic Integrity



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